Zaira Wasim announced to leave Bollywood

zaira wasim , who became the daughter of Aamir Khan in Bollywood blockbuster ‘Dangal’, has made such a declaration in his career that everyone is surprised. National award wining Zaira Wasim has posted a post on his Instagram which has announced that he has to quit acting forever.

zaira wasim has told through the post that she has decided to leave the Bollywood industry and she will no longer act. As soon as this post of Jaira comes out, a sensation has spread on the social media. In the interest of everyone, the question is raised why Jaira took this decision, while she is such a good one. He has won the National Award for his strong acting in ‘Dangal’.

zaira wrote in her post, “5 years ago, the decision I made changed my life, I stepped into Bollywood. I got a lot of recognition, people gave me so much love, even I became a role model for the youth. But after the completion of five years, I want to say that I am not happy with my identity in this. I want to acknowledge that I am not happy with my work.

‘My journey is quite tiring, in these five years, I can not fight such a long fight in my little life fighting my conscience.

Zaira wrote, I gave this industry a lot of love too, but now I am feeling that all this is taking me on a wrong path. I am threatening my religion and turning me away from Allah. So I officially announce that I am separating myself from this field. “

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