Bangladesh Batsman Tamim Iqbal had recently called Virat Kohli inhuman once the Indian captain bagged his third consecutive ODI hundred in India whereas becoming the fastest Batsman to score 10,000 runs within the format. Completely considering the compliment Tamim had for Virat, the  Sunil Gavaskar has even drawn comparisons between Kohli and the legendary Sir Don Bradman, saying people are expecting centuries from the Virat the way they did from Bradman once he used to walk down the cricket pitch.

“Kohli’s consistency is beyond phenomenal but more important is how he reads the case and is awake to what the team wants and then adjusts his game accordingly,” wrote the original little Master in his column for The Times of India. “When he walks into bat there’s not the slightest doubt that he’s reaching to get a century and therefore the also time this type of feeling was antecedently generated was once the one and only Sir Don walked out to bat,” he added.

There’s a reason why Bradman holds the ‘Bradmanesque‘ average of 99 .94. It had been as if the Australian would score a century at least of whenever he came out on the cricket field holding a bat in his hand. With Kohli smashing much all records their area unit within the game and cruising towards his idol Sachin Tendulkar‘s numbers, Gavaskar admitted that currently, the opposition team is even afraid to make eye contact with him as that may push him further forward in his hunger for runs.

“Sir Don was reputed to run jauntily in to bat whereas Virat walks in with a purposeful swagger and none of the opposition desires to make eye contact with him. Yes, he’s human once Indian area fielding for that is after you see the emotions come back through because the game ebbs and flows,” added Gavaskar.

While there hardly goes a day once Kohli does not break a record or 2, within the Pune ODI, the 29-year-old can equal former South African captain AB First State Villiers’ record of four consecutive a whole bunch in Indian if he goes on the reach the 3-figure mark at the MCA stadium.

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