A very shocking news is coming from the Hollywood world now. The news is associated with the star Johnny Depp of Pirates of the Caribbean. According to the news recently, Johnny Depp has filed a defamation suit worth $ 50 million on his X-Wife Amber Hurd, or about 351 million. According to a report, Johnny has recently filed a lawsuit against X-Wife, according to a report. Actually, why did he do this, we tell you this.It has happened that in the past year, Amber had accused Johnny Depp in an interview saying that Johnny used to beat him. That is why the relationship of both of them has come to an end. When Amber was finishing his relationship in 2016, he had said that during the entire relationship, Johnny has abused and beaten him.

He had said that Depp consumes a lot of things like alcohol and drugs, and therefore he is afraid of his anger. After which the two had become disoriented. In 2016, the court had ordered Johnny Depp to stay away from Aber Hard. After this, John has said that he has never assaulted Amber. Nor has they ever committed domestic violence with their ex-wife. Also Johnny Depp said that, Amber has done all this for popularity.At the same time, Amber Hurdh considers his decision to be separated from former husband and actor Johnny Depp as “right”.

Amber separated from Johnny in 2017. In an interview, Amber said, “I will not talk about Johnny. I am interested in talking about my work, and I take pride in it. I am standing for myself, which is right. ‘ Now both of them are in the headlines again. Tell that both of them met on the set of The Rum Diary in 2011. Then there was another relationship of Johnny at that time. After this, Johnny married Amber in 2015, and both were separated in 2017.

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