There are many shocking news coming from the world of TV and Bollywood. Now there is a similar news that  is very shocking. The fact is that there has been allegations that recently the choreographer-dancer Salman Yusuf Khan has been charged with molestation. A woman has accuse her on Salman. The woman is also a dancer like Salman. The woman has been lodged in Oshiwara police station Thane on January 30. In the complaint, the woman said that Salman and his cousin jointly tampered with the victim at two different places.According to the FIR, the victim was contacted through Salman’s manager when he was in London for work in August 2018. After this, he met Salman at a coffee shop in Oshivara Andheri.

Subsequently, Salman gave the woman the opportunity to perform with him in Bollywood Park, Dubai. The victim claimed that the day Salman introduced him, he had touched it improperly. When he objected to Salman’s behavior, Salman said that such things happened in Bollywood. The FIR filed by the victim further states that, after this incident, she received a call from Salman’s manager about work and left for Dubai with his dance group on August 20. The allegations were that while living in Dubai Salman in Dubai Told him that he went to the resort located in Bahrain on August 30 for a second show.

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As soon as he reached the airport, Salman introduced him to his cousin brother. The victim said that Salman’s brother also touched her wrongly during the trip. The girl says that Salman has done it for several days and he also threatened to face the consequences. Salman is in the limelight after this issue. Please tell that Salman has been a part of ABCD films. He is a known dancer and is also famous in the industry. Tell that Salman is himself married and also a child’s father.

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