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Festival of colours Holi is such a festival in which children cannot stop themselves from playing colours till the youth and the elderly. With changing times, the colour used in Holi has also changed, and people have started using chemicals colours. There’s also a fact that most chemical colours are sold in the markets. This is often the reason that on Holi, this colour grows on the festivals of many people. Chemical pain wounds in many ways and wounds can be quite dangerous. During this approach, we talked to some doctors who talked about how dangerous the chemical colour is and how it can be prevented.

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Damage to the eyes: Eye Expert says heavy metals like lead in chemical or dry colours are used. By that allergies, conjunctivitis, burning in the eyes and injury in the eye may also occur. Eyes in the eyes, pain in the eyes, swelling, itching, blurring, redness ar the issues. The doctor said that Sunglass should be used while playing Holi. people who use the lens. They should remove the lens while playing Holi.

skin is damaged: Skin Specialist says that the colours first come in contact with the skin and if there’s any chemical in it, then it also has to undergo reaction. Therefore, to save your skin in Holi, use harmful colours, wear dresses while Holi can cover the body completely. Nail polish should be used on balm and nails on oil, cream, lips on the body.

dangerous for the heart and lungs: Heart specialist says that in chemical colours, it’s prepared by mixing sand with detergent, especially the gulas are being made. These colours may also be dangerous for skin, eyes, tract and hair.

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