Deep-Veer’s wedding is going to be held for 2 days on 14th and 15th November.

The most popular pair of  Bollywood, Deepika and Ranveer each are going to be stuck during a wedding in November. For the last few days, the wedding of each of them was happening. several arguments were being made about the marriage date. Finally, Deepika and Ranveer showered the date of the wedding to all or any the churches on Sunday. Deep-Veer’s wedding will be held for 2 days on 14th and 15th November.

But the answer is that Ranveer and Deepika have decided to date this date. each Deepika and Ranveer worked along for Sanjay Leela Bhansali ‘Tablet Rasale Ramlila’ for the first time. After this film, this couple has become a real hit in Bollywood. Then there was a pair of ‘Bajirao Mastani’, ‘Padmavat’ and a Deep-Veer pair within the same film. Ranveer and Deepika, together with ‘Ram Lila’ debut, was released on November 15, 2013.

Their love story started on the sets of Ramlila. Deepika, in an interview, agreed that both of you have been dating each other for 6 years thus the date of the wedding is being held on December 14 and 15 for Deepika and Ranveer. currently, Deepika Ranveer did not agree to it, however, her fans have predicted that date.

Deepika and Ranveer are, in keeping with Virat Anushka, will be involved in a marriage arrangement in Italy. So December is believed to be the reception for each the friends of a Bollywood in December.

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