The youngest Order of Merit winners of all time in Korean Popular Culture and Arts awards

BTS has become the youngest ever recipients of the Hwagwan Orders of Cultural Merit for his or her services to the promotion of Korean pop culture and Hangul, the Korean alphabet.
After wrapping up their European tour in Paris on 20 Oct, RM, Jimin, J-Hope. Jin, V, Jungkook and Suga returned to Seoul, South Korea, to attend the award ceremony.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism awarded the fifth grade of Order of Cultural Merit to the idols following a record-breaking year that saw them sell out a world tour and come through 2 number one albums on the Billboard charts.
During the ceremony, J-Hope introduced himself as BTS’s hope, saying: ‘I’m BTS’ hope, J-Hope. I’ve been saying this phrase during performances and I’m really happy and excited that I’m really becoming a hope of Korean pop culture.

Take a look at The Cultural medal it’s so shiny and beautiful!!

Jungkook at 21, is the youngest ever recipients of the order.

Each band member thanked the ARMYs – BTS’s devoted fanbase – throughout their individual speeches.

Following Gangnam vogue singer Psy receiving the Okgwan Order of Cultural Merit in 2012, BTS is only other pop musicians to be bestowed with the awards.

 And over on BTS’s official Twitter account, Jimin proudly showed off his medal, ‘sincerely thanking’ the fans for their support.
Congratulations, guys!

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