The BTS army in London’s O2 Arena received bad news in October. 9: Jungkook, 21, had to sit down out the choreography. however, fans still erupted in cheers and musical the K-Pop group member’s name once it had been declared he’d still perform! The youngest BTS member simply required to sit down to rest his injured heel. whether or not it had been the crowd’s response or he was being too exhausting on himself, Jungkook appeared therefore overwhelmed, he had to bury his head in his arms. In an incredibly sweet moment, BTS members rush up to pat Jungkook on the back! When the performer finally lifted his head, tears were brimming in his eyes, that he dried off with a towel on stage. Just like the London arena, Twitter fans needed to relay a constant message to Jungkook: It’s OK.

My baby Jungkook please don’t cry don’t feel bad, you work so hard and we appreciate it, we would like you to be happy and take care of yourself, we love you so much,” Another fan tweeted after watching the concert video. Another fan commended the support Jungkook’s BTS brothers displayed on stage. “As difficult as it was to see Jungkook so upset, it can’t be denied that it’s been incredibly moving to watch 7 people demonstrate love and brotherhood as openly and as wholeheartedly as @BTS_twt did tonight,” the attendee at the Love Yourself tour stop tweeted. “They are truly best when they’re along.”

Big Hit Entertainment, the South Korea-based company that represents BTS, Released the following statement hours before the concert: “Approximately 2 hours ago following the rehearsal and sound check, Jung Kook was lightly stretching within the waiting room once he collided with floor furnishings and suffered an injury to his heel. Medical staff immediately responded and performed the necessary treatment. The opinion of the medical team is that whereas the injury isn’t serious, performing choreography may be further damage to the injured area. Following the recommendation of the medical staff, Jung Kook will take a part in the  performance tonight, however, stay seated while not choreography.”

A minor injury to the heel isn’t progressing to slow BTS’ roaring success! The K-Pop group will be appearing on the big screen soon, though it’s unclear if they’ll be debuting a movie or enjoying footage from their YouTube documentary from March. As we’ve told you, motion posters with the title Burn the Stage, a constant name of their documentary, started manifestation at theaters around the world!

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